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Please fill out this form to register for the Summer Institute for Islamic Studies (SIIS) and Summer Institute of Buddhist Studies (SIBS). Registration and payment will be collected upon submission of this form. Payments collected through this form are secured through Stripe. Please take your time when filling out the payment section.

The deadline for seminar-only registrations is June 26, 2024. All other registrations for course and audit credit must be completed through the Registrar's office by May 6, 2024. For more information please email Tammy Gore at

Do Not Register On This Form
If you are wanting to complete these courses for credit or audit, your registration must be completed through the campus registrar. Registration must be completed and paid by May 6th, 2024. Contact to complete the registration process.
Tuition and Fee Information
Tuition (Seminar-only): $425 per course
Tuition and Fee Information
Tuition: $225 per course
Tuition and Fee Information
Tuition: $225 per course for each attendee.

Course Enrollment

Spouse Registration

Course Enrollment

First Week Calculation
HIDDEN CALCULATION FIELDS: These fields are counting the courses selected for each week to determine how they will be charged for the hospitality fee on the next page. If there are 2 sets of courses offered in a week, then they are split into groups A and B. If there is only one course set that week, then it is listed only under A. 

The final calculation fields will prevent the students being double charged for taking two sets of classes in the same week. 

Second Week Calculation

Third Week Calculation

This section adds up the course totals, weeks totals, and calculates the cost based on selected rate. 

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Registration Selection
Please confirm your registration information below. If you need to make any adjustments, please update the information provided on Page 1.
Please contact the Registrar's office at to complete the registration process.
Spanish Course (MCC 545 S2) Discount Verification

Registration Verification
Tuition: $225 per course for each attendee.
Tuition: $225 per course.
Tuition (Seminar-only): $425 per course

Please go back to the previous page to update your selections as needed. Then select "Yes" to proceed when you have the correct total amount.  
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